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Vision & Mission


"Empowering Engineers with a Holistic Foundation for Innovation and Social Responsibility."

The vision of the Basic Science and Humanities Department is to be recognized as a premier center for providing a strong, integrated, and transformative education in the foundational sciences and humanities. We strive to develop engineers who not only possess exceptional technical skills but also demonstrate a deep understanding of the broader world and a strong sense of social responsibility. Our vision is to inspire students to embrace diversity, creativity, and critical thinking, enabling them to contribute to the betterment of society and the advancement of technology with ethical and sustainable practices.


  1. Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Our mission is to deliver high-quality, innovative, and student-centered teaching that fosters a deep comprehension of fundamental scientific principles, critical communication skills, and an appreciation for the humanities. We aim to create an intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures curiosity and promotes a love for lifelong learning.

  2. Integrative Approach:We are committed to an integrative approach to education, where we bridge the gap between engineering and the basic sciences and humanities. By instilling an understanding of the underlying scientific principles and humanistic values, we enable students to develop well-rounded perspectives, promoting the application of knowledge in solving real-world challenges.

  3. Research and Scholarly Activities: We encourage faculty and students to engage in research and scholarly activities that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary fields. By fostering a culture of research and innovation, we aim to enhance our college's academic reputation and address societal issues through evidence-based solutions.

  4. Cultivating Ethical and Social Responsibility: Our mission is to instill strong ethical values and a sense of social responsibility in our students. By integrating humanities into the engineering curriculum, we emphasize the significance of addressing the broader implications of technological advancements on society and the environment, nurturing engineers who actively contribute to sustainable and inclusive development

  5. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment within the department and college. By celebrating different perspectives and cultural backgrounds, we prepare our students to work collaboratively in a globalized world, appreciating the value of diverse experiences and ideas.

  6. Partnerships and Outreach: We seek to establish collaborative endeavors with industry, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. Through these collaborations, we intend to offer practical experiences, internships, and projects that enhance students' employability and facilitate the application of knowledge to address real-world challenges.

  7. Continuous Improvement: Our mission is to engage in ceaseless self-assessment and continuous improvement of our teaching methodologies, curriculum, and research programs. By staying adaptable and innovative, we ensure that our department remains at the forefront of evolving educational practices and societal needs.

Through our vision and mission, the Basic Science and Humanities Department strives to develop engineers who are not only technically proficient but also possess a broader perspective, compassion, and a commitment to contribute positively and meaningfully to the world around them.

from the leader

Dr. Mousumi Ghosh

(Founder Director)

We are constantly striving for excellence in our mission to create leaders for tomorrow by nurturing young minds, who would become professionals as well as intellectual global citizens. Our vision to provide wide angle learning have zeroed down.

from the leader

Mr. Silajit Ghosh


I feel proud to see our students achieve success. Apart from having strong career growth, they also come out as fantastic human beings. I am also thankful to the corporate who have consistently shown confidence in Future Education and providing opportunity to its students to work with them.