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Departmental Achievements

The students of Electrical Engineering have been awarded for their various project works.

I. The 1st Position in the category of “Waste Management”in INAE Youth Conclave 2018 at IIT, Kharagpur.

The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting and advancing the practice of engineering and technology in the India. INAE Youth Conclave aims at facilitating the engagement of Indian youth in engineering activities at national level. INAE through the creation of Youth Forum desires to extend the membership to young budding engineers thereby endorsing their talent and advocating their ability to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.

On the forum of INAE Youth Conclave 2018 a group of four students from 3rd year Electrical Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management has presented their innovative project and has bagged the 1st prize of Rupees of One Lakh. The project proposal was accepted in the first level of screening on March 2018. The final level of screening was held at IIT Kharagpur on August 2018.

Project Details

“A Low Cost Device for Source Segregation of Waste at Family Level”

The project aims to develop a device for segregation for every family living in apartments; due to mixing of all type of domestic wastage it is difficult and costly to segregate it at the dump yard. A systematically trained deep neural network is exploited for classification of ‘biodegradable, non-biodegradable, biological’ wastes. In the prototype once detection and classification is done it decides the proper section for the wastage. Along with it the application on the users mobile can be used to display the waste level inside every storage slot and can book cleaning service with the Municipal Cooperation.

II. The opportunity to present their project in the Final Round of “DRUSE’18” at Pune.

DRDO Robotics and Unmanned Systems Exposition (DRUSE) Program 2018 is a part of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of DRDO. DRUSE aims to tap these indigenous capabilities to create a platform for the development of futuristic defence systems. DRUSE has organized a nationalized open platform to showcase national talent in the areas of robotics amongst students for conceptualization, design & development of Unmanned Systems for defence applications. This exposition targets national talent among student community from engineering background currently undergoing UG or PG only.

In this esteemed national competition, a group of five students from 3rd year Electrical Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management have got the opportunity to present their project in the Final Round of DRUSE’18 at Pune. The project was selected among the top 30 projects from all over India at DRUSE 2018, DIAT, Pune. Initially the project was a Zonal Level Winner in the “Zonal Level Competition 2018 (East Zone)”.

Project Details

“A small scale quadcopter proto for real time activity detection and tracking based on correlation technique”

III. Students of Electrical Engineering from Future Institute of Engineering and Management ranked amongst India's top 3000 start- ups from all over the India and abroad in “SMART 50”

SMART FIFTY is an initiative aligned with the country’s focused approach to promote entrepreneurship driven social development. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) in association with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India launches Smart Fifty – 50 solutions to Transform India. The project idea "SMART HELMET of a group of three students from 2nd year Electrical Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management, has ranked amongst India's top 3000 start-ups from all over the India and abroad. It is an honour to get invited at the Smart Fifty regional round at IIM Calcutta, in an entrepreneur’s knowledge session for the personal interaction with the CEO and founders of different renowned companies like IBM, Federal bank etc.

The student group is awarded with Start-up KIT with entrepreneurship Certificate from IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, Worth of Rs50,000 rewards from Amazon Web Services, Membership from Tie Delhi, Upto 10,000$/month support from IBM, Contact letter of concession for business registration.

Project Details

“Smart Helmet”

Two-wheeler road accidents are increasing rapidly. The accidents cannot be prevented but death due to it can be prevented. Keeping this in mind, a novel initiative is taken to design a "SMART HELMET", along with a universal bike device, which can save the life of a rider after any accident. Smart Helmet has some extra ordinary design features which can detect any major or minor accident accurately using multiple sensors. The detection of accident initiates a SMS to the nearest Police Station, Hospital, Home and other desired phone numbers along with the Pin-Point GPS location. Also it has extended features like Auto Ignition Off at time of alcoholic driver, Pulse Rate monitoring of the victim after accident to keep a track of the physical status etc. Thus the by early detection and early medication of the victim, Smart Helmet can serve in enormous way towards mankind.

IV. Students of Electrical Engineering participated in “Student Pavilion” in AERO INDIA – 2019

Opportunity for students to participate and exhibit for Great Global Exposure and to win awards (20-24th February, Bengaluru).

Aero India
is a biennial air show and aviation exhibition held in Bengaluru, India at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. It is organised by the Defence Exhibition Organisation, Ministry of Defence. For the first time, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in collaboration of Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Civil Aviation has set up a “Student Pavilion” in Aero India 2019 to showcase the projects of students on aerospace related technologies & product. The theme for “Student Pavilion” is “Application of Aerospace technologies for the Betterment of the Billion lives (AABB)”.

In this esteemed national competition, a group of four students from 3rd year Electrical Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management have got the opportunity to present their project in the AERO INDIA 2019 event at Bengaluru. The project was selected among the top 6 projects from all over India.

Project Details

“A small-scale Quadcopter proto for real time activity detection, classification and localization using deepnet and hybrid correlation filtering”

The project presents a Quadcopter for Real-time detection, classification and localization, exhibiting the novel Quadcopter system with software for automatic detection, classification and localization of ground activity. The Quadcopter system will run a robust deep neural algorithm for detection purpose and the activity classification is accomplished by hybrid correlation filter. Moreover the expected system is suitable for both remote analysis of target scene and onboard processing simultaneously. Once developed the intelligent Quadcopter will be able to (a) detect multiple objects (person) in target scene, (b) recognize/classify the object in proper class of activities (c) localize the activity in world coordinate system (d) visual tracking of the object (person) and (d) establishing communication with the remote server by sending the tracked and analyzed scene.

V. Smart Home – 1st Position awarded in DIRECTRIX 2018

Smart Home Smart home is IOT base home security and appliance control system which has been awarded 1st position in DIRECTRIX 2018 The Intra collage project competition organize by Computer science and Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management.

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