Top 5 Programming Languages you need to Know in 2023

Top 5 Programming Languages you need to Know in 2023

The need for skilled programmers is growing in today’s digital world. One’s success in the IT sector is based on their knowledge of the newest programming languages. 


We at Future Education believe that we have the responsibility to bring students to par with the latest development in programming languages.  This is why the Future Institute of Engineering and Management (FIEM) offers B.Tech degrees with advanced curriculums. 


As a renowned IT college in Kolkata, we keep ourselves updated on the modern trends in programming languages and pass on the learnings to our students.  


The arena of programming language keeps evolving So in this blog, we have tried to list down the programming languages that we believe you must learn in 2023.


This information will also be applicable and helpful for you if you’re looking for B.Tech colleges in Kolkata.  


Let’s Find Out!

  • Python 


Python is one of the most adaptable programming languages. It is frequently used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation. It is also well known for its clarity and readability and has remained popular amongst students going to both and MCA colleges in Kolkata.


Python’s vast libraries and frameworks let programmers create reliable applications quickly. Learning Python would give you access to a wide range of job options. With that in mind, we at Future are a one-of-a-kind IT College in Kolkata whose primary focus is to help students develop relevant skills.

  • JavaScript 


Anyone considering a career in information technology must be familiar with JavaScript because it is still a core programming language for web development. The popularity of single-page applications and asynchronous programming has further boosted JavaScript’s importance. 


B.Tech colleges in Kolkata offer this language course as a part of their curriculum. FIEM offers students an upfront introduction to JavaScript to help them get placed in the competitive market.


Java Script allows web developers to construct dynamic, interactive web pages that provide websites with more functionality. It doesn’t matter if you want to work as a front-end or full-stack developer; JavaScript proficiency is required. 

  • Java 


Java is utilized in a wide range of applications, including enterprise software, Android development, and server-side programming. It is well known for its write-once-run-anywhere approach. 


Learning Java should be a top priority for aspiring developers since it offers a solid grounding in object-oriented programming ideas. While studying at an IT college in Kolkata, students should look forward to learning Java extensively, as it will help them improve their career trajectories. 


This is one of the reasons why students attending MCA colleges in Kolkata also prefer learning this language.

  • Golang


Golang, or “Go” was created by Google to overcome the difficulties of contemporary distributed systems. Google calls it the “open source, strongly typed, a compiled language written to build concurrent and scalable software”.


Web servers, network programs, and concurrent applications can all be built using Go. It is a perfect option for creating effective and high-performing applications because it comes with built-in concurrency and robust type support. 


Learning Golang will help IT professionals stand out in a market where scalable systems are in high demand. 

  • Kotlin 


Kotlin, a cutting-edge programming language, has already been embraced by developers worldwide. It was developed specifically for Android development. It includes improved features, Java compatibility, null safety, and clear syntax. 


Many businesses have adopted Kotlin due to its easy interaction with Java codebases already in use. 


Learning Kotlin will provide you with a competitive edge in the constantly changing Android development environment as a student at an IT college in Kolkata or any other tech college.


Which IT College in Kolkata Covers Kotlin and Golang?


Both Kotlin and Golang are not covered in B.Tech curriculums in India but if needed, students can learn such languages from external sources. 


Future Institute of Technology Management aims to keep its students in the loop about the latest developments in the field of programming. We encourage our students to take steps to learn new languages so as to improve their strengths and skills during placements. 


IT Colleges in Kolkata are gradually integrating new programming languages, and Future Education is not far behind.


Importance of Learning Both Old and New Programming Languages in 2023


Learning dated programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java is still essential in 2023 because of their widespread use and continuous relevance. These languages are adaptable for many applications and sectors, thanks to their adaptable frameworks and community support. 


They are easy to use and have widespread applications in data analysis, machine learning, and web development. 


By utilizing their unique characteristics, adopting emerging languages like Golang and Kotlin can also improve skill sets.  


Hence, we at Future Education and Future Institute of Technology and Management always encourage our students to take a step further. For admission and related queries, visit our website today!