INAE Youth Conclave 2018 at IIT, Kharagpur

INAE Youth Conclave 2018 at IIT, Kharagpur

Students of Electrical Engineering from

Future Institute of Engineering and Management bagged

the 1st Position in the category of “Waste Management”

in INAE Youth Conclave 2018 at IIT, Kharagpur.

The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting and advancing the practice of engineering and technology in the India. INAE Youth Conclave aims at facilitating the engagement of Indian youth in engineering activities at national level. INAE through the creation of Youth Forum desires to extend the membership to young budding engineers thereby endorsing their talent and advocating their ability to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.

On the forum of INAE Youth Conclave 2018 a group of four students from 3rd year Electrical Engineering Department of Future Institute of Engineering and Management has presented their innovative project and has bagged the 1st prize of Rupees of One Lakh. The project proposal was accepted in the first level of screening on March 2018. The final level of screening was held at IIT Kharagpur on August 2018.

Project Details

“A Low Cost Device for Source Segregation of Waste at Family Level”

The project aims to develop a device for segregation for every family living in apartments; due to mixing of all type of domestic wastage it is difficult and costly to segregate it at the dump yard. A systematically trained deep neural network is exploited for classification of ‘biodegradable, non-biodegradable, biological’ wastes. In the prototype once detection and classification is done it decides the proper section for the wastage. Along with it the application on the users mobile can be used to display the waste level inside every storage slot and can book cleaning service with the Municipal Cooperation.

Certificate issued by IIT Kharagpur towards Future Institute of Engineering and Management for student participation

Student Participants

Sahil Khan (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)

Santanu Ghosh (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)

Sourin Das (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)

Faruk Ahamed (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)