The Institute Courses Departments

Dr. Dipankar Ghosh
M.Tech, PHD
Professor & HOD

The ECE dept aims to produce competent & highly motivated engineers and not mere graduates with credentials. The department receives bright and meritorious students with a sound knowledge of the elementary subjects of science and technology which enables a harmonious and tuneful preparation for the advanced specializations.

The course curriculum for the undergraduate program is an amalgamation of compulsory and elective courses. The initial semesters emphasize the inculcation of strong elementary knowledge about basic engineering and technology. Gradually the budding engineers are introduced and taken to the depths of this core engineering discipline. The curriculum also consists of Project Works and Electronic Circuit design workshop so that the students can whet and practically apply the engineering knowledge that they gain during the course of these four years.

The students are given a deep insight into subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computer network, Industrial Automation, Satellite Communication, Wireless Sensor networks, Nano Electronics and various fields of Communication Engineering with some notion of Embedded Systems which have immense possibilities in industry as well as the academia. The laboratory based advanced teaching Learning methodology is adopted to make our students ready for IR4.0 standard.

The department is structurally well equipped with different hardware and software laboratories like microwave, analog and digital communication, signal processing and VLSI with costly and most advanced apparatus and latest software tools & platforms.

The faculty members of the department are true academicians with a profound knowledge in their respective fields. Almost all of them are pursuing research work in emerging fields. Highly qualified faculty members with rich experience in research and industry make this department an asset of the college. The department has a unique combination of quality conscious technical staff members with a strong sense of ethical and professional responsibilities. The departmental faculties work with excellent team spirit in different technical team to organize seminars, conferences and project competition which leads to key research publications in these areas.

The aim of the department is to inculcate the much-needed leadership qualities along with the integral technical education such that our students can be job creators rather than job seekers. Our department offers different hands-on training, placement training drives and foundation programs to establish a culture of teamwork and leadership qualities for achieving excellence in every walk of life. The outstanding performance of our alumni has enabled the department to maintain its reputation. The entire team of the ECE dept is constantly striving to make the department a center of excellence.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Anirban Mandal

Associate Professor M.Tech, PHD

Tarun K. Das

Assistant Professor M.Tech, PHD(Pursuing)

Debabrata Pandit

Assistant Professor AMIETE, M.Tech

Anupam Patra

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Dr. Gargi Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor M.Sc, PHD

Dr. Dipak Mondal

Associate Professor M.Tech, PHD

Mayur De

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Debojyoti Ghosh

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Koushik Sarkar

Assistant Professor M.Tech, PHD(Pursuing)

Anisha Sengupta

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Dipankar Mandal

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Abhijit Kumar Pal

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Swapan Das

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Sreya Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor B.E, M.E

Sumedha Dasgupta

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech

Debbarni Sarkar

Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech


Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.E

Manash Mukherjee

STA Diploma in ETCE

Dalia Sanyal

STA Diploma in ETCE

Dayal Dolui

STA Diploma in ETCE

Snehajit Sen

STA Diploma in ETCE

Kanika Chowdhury

STA Diploma in ETCE

Anup Kr. Ghosh

TA Diploma in ETCE

Name of Laboratories

  • 1. Analog Communication Lab
  • 2. Analog Electronics Lab
  • 3. Basic Electronics Workshop
  • 4. Control Systems Lab
  • 5. Digital Communication Lab
  • 6. Digital Electronics Lab
  • 7. EM Wave and Tx. Theory Lab
  • 8. Electronics  Device Lab
  • 9. Circuit Design & Project Lab
  • 10. Internet and Computing Facility Lab
  • 11. Computer Network Lab

Departmental Events

  1. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized an event ‘INCEPTION’ in the year 2016, 2018,2019 which is a combination of Inter Departmental Technical Project Competition ‘INVITARE’, poster competition ‘GALLERIA’, photography competition ‘CLICKATHON’, coding competition ‘CODIFICACIO’ and Research Article Competition ‘COGNITIONIS’ and many more.
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering department has organized many Webinars during recent pandemic. “Life Beyond Engineering” in 2021, “Data Analytics and BI” in 2020, “Beyond the Horizon” in 2020.
  3. ECE department organized Seminar on “SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION IN SMART MODE” (STSM-‘19) in the year 2019.
  4. A Seminar on “MACHINE LEARNING AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS” was held in the year 2018.
  5. ECE department was proud to have renowned speakers in one of our seminars “RECENT TRENDS IN BIO-ELECTRONICS AND DNA COMPUTING” (RTBDC-‘17) in the year 2017.
  6. “A SYMPOSIUM ON SIGNAL PROCESSING & VLSI” (SSPV-‘16) was held in 2016 in collaboration with IEEE Kolkata chapter.
  7. “RECENT TRENDS IN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION” (RTWC-‘15) was organized by ECE dept in the year 2015.
  8. A Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “DATA SCIENCE THROUGH PYTHON” was arranged in association with the company “INSANALYTICS” in 2018.
  9. Our department published Wall Magazine PAPYRUS and technical magazine RESONANCE.
  10. Our departmental students organized cultural programs like fresher’s welcome NAVATO FIESTA, Teacher’s day celebration program RUTHVIJ, they bid goodbye to their seniors by a farewell program ORSUS. ECE department reunite their students and try to make a bridge with presents and alumni students by reunion program REMEMBRALL.
  11. ECE department is successfully continuing a students’ chapter in collaboration with Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI) since 2014 and has organized many inter college workshops for UG students.
  12. Our department creates NSS awareness program among students as it is another dimension of education. It motivates our students to actively participate for the sake of our society and nation, helping them to develop their societal responsibility.

Departmental Achievements

  1. A technical project “AN INTELLIGENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FETAL HEART RATE ANALYSIS”of our students got authorization Certificate of Registration of Design from Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India under The Intellectual Property Right India (Patent) in 2021.
  2. This team had won the most prestigious design contest of India “India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2017” and bagged a huge amount of prize money in 2018.
  3. Shayak Ghosal one of our meritorious students grabbed University (MAKAUT) 3rdposition inthe year 2018.
  4. Almost all of our students got placed with high package in premier software and core companies every year.
  5. ECE department encourages students to take active part in various clubs of our college like Technical club, Sports club, Cultural Club and Film club. Our students have their signature of achievements in these fields.
  6. Moreover, many of our ECE students are now pursuing their MS/PHD degree in different international technical universities and are doing job in various Semiconductor and Nanoelectronics based R&D laboratories worldwide.

Vision of the Department

To develop the Department into a full-fledged centre of learning in various fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering, keeping in view of the latest academic and industrial developments.

Vision of the Department

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is committed:

  1. To create knowledgeable and skilled person in Communication technologies with strong fundamentals, through rigorous teaching learning process that develops the ability to solve problems individually and in teams.
  2. To create professional leaders in society with research attitudes in the core areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering to impact the quality of products required for industries.
  3. To create competent man power with deep awareness of ethics and environment for sustainable development of Electronics and Communication Technologies.